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VFA survey team heads back to Mount Stirling

Last week the VFA survey team headed back out to the magical forests in Mount Stirling on Taungurung Country to look for threatened flora species in areas scheduled for logging. They found (for all you plant nerds out there) Cardomine lillacena, Pimelea ligustrina ssp. Cliliata, Euphrasia lasianthera, and Grevillea victoriae. A number of these threatened plants were found across the coupes surveyed by the team.

The forests around Mount Stirling are a diverse mix of Alpine Ash, Mountain Gum and Snow Gum. The team enjoyed some beautiful sunny days in the region, and thanks to their hard work hopefully some of the areas will be protected from logging.

Friends of Mount Stirling, Victorian National Parks Association, and Friends of the Earth Melbourne are some of the groups working in the area to campaign for the permanent protection of these forests.

Citizen science is just one of the ways we can do this. For those interested in getting involved we've got a community event and surveying trip planned for May 20 and 21st out in the Nunniong forests - another incredible special area with unique flora species we'll be searching for.

We'll be doing plant walks, forest talks, and more with folks from Gippsland Environment Group and Friends of Bats and Habitat Gippsland.

RSVP is essential and places are limited. Head here to secure your spot

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