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Our mission

The VFA’s Mission is to protect and restore native forests in Victoria.

VFA Statement of Purposes:

1. Facilitate interaction and collaboration between environment groups to support the protection and restoration of native forests in Victoria.
2. Develop and employ effective strategies to protect and restore native forests in Victoria.
3. Ensure that the measures proposed to protect and restore the ecological integrity of native forests are grounded in science.
4. Show solidarity with First Nations Peoples by developing meaningful relationships that amplify mobs’ voices and cultural values.
5. Increase public awareness of how preserving and restoring native forest can address the consequences of extractive industries.
6. Support alternatives to extractive industries.


We would like to acknowledge that the Victorian Forest Alliance operates on the Sovereign Land of First Nation Peoples. The forests we defend and restore are unceded Lands. The name “Victorian” Forest Alliance has been chosen to geographically locate our broad-based alliance. We recognise and respect that the forests we work to protect exist on a number of different Sovereign Aboriginal Nations and we pay our respects to their elders past and present.