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Victorian Forest Alliance official launch!

Thank you so so much to everyone who made it to our official launch on the 12 and 13 Feb - especially to all the volunteers who helped to run the event, Black Spark Cultural Centre for hosting us, and all the musicians for making it so special. Over 60 artists including Bern Emmerichs, Belinda Rogers, Hans Heysen, John Wolseley and Sue Anderson generously donated pieces for this amazing fundraising auction.
The art auction was a huge success and we raised just over $34,000!! Plus an additional $2000 from merch from The Great Tree Project. Thank you so much to all the artists who donated their work.
John Wolseley: “Djirrididi - Forest kingfisher with scavenger moths and bombardier beetles” (2021)
All the money raised is going to the Kinglake Friends of the Forest Inc and Environment East Gippsland EEG court case defending Greater Gliders from logging. The case is set to go trial in May, and is currently protecting all areas in the Central Highlands and East Gippsland containing Greater Gliders from logging. We are beyond grateful to everyone who contributed to make this happen, and to officially kick start our alliance of grass-roots groups fighting for protection of our forests.


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