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Volunteers hit Northcote with VFA post cards calling out draconian protest laws

VFA volunteers and Northcote locals have hit the street to gather signatures from concerned community members, calling on the Northcote Labor MP Kat Theophanus to withdraw the dangerous proposed protest laws set to hit the upper house of Parliament in early August. Locals also visited the Peacock hotel for 'Politics in the pub' with Kat so that people could hand deliver the cards to her!

In the lead up to the November state election there is strong support for protection of forests - particularly to tackle climate change. Northcote locals have expressed strong support for an immediate end to logging and the protection of forests - not draconian protest laws which have been slammed by human rights, climate, legal, and environment groups as "unnecessary" and "undemocratic".

We are ramping up our on the ground campaign in the lead up to the November state election. Sign up to here volunteer and get involved!


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