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Did you know native forests are still being logged in Victoria - mostly for wood chips which end up as cheap paper and card board products?


We're fighting to stop the destruction.


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The Victorian Forest Alliance brings together more than 30 groups actively protecting native forests across Victoria.


Collectively, we have decades of experience working with our local communities. Our mission is to protect and restore native forests across the state.

The forests we defend and restore are unceded lands. We recognise and respect that the forests which we work to protect exist on a number of different Sovereign Aboriginal Nations and we pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Our citizen science project helps protect wildlife and threatened species in forests schedules for logging.


We work closely with citizen science groups like Kinglake Friends of the Forest, Gippsland Environment Group, and Wildlife of the Central Highlands (WOTCH) to conduct wildlife surveys in forests scheduled for logging.

Read more about the program here.