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Victoria's Forest Carbon Report

A new report has found that an immediate end to native forest logging could prevent 14 million tonnes of carbon emission by 2030. The report finally exposes the logging industry's dirty secret; native forest logging in Victoria emits around 3 million tonnes of carbon per year. This is the equivalent emissions to 700,000 medium sized cars, or close to two times the emissions of Victoria’s domestic aviation sector.

‘Victoria’s Forest Carbon: An Opportunity for Action on Climate Change’, is the first time that the emissions from Victoria’s forestry sector have been calculated and shared publicly. Due to the government’s method of reporting emissions for the forest sector, the emissions of native forest logging have essentially been ‘hidden’ as they are reported in the same category as existing forests and forestry plantations which draw down a lot of carbon. 

The report’s author, Dr Jennifer Sanger, ecologist from The Tree Projects and research associate with the University of Tasmania says, “The emissions from native forest logging are not separated from the carbon dioxide absorbed by our forests. Only a net figure is reported, which masks the true level of forestry’s emissions. I think many Victorians would be shocked to find out that native forest logging is such a high emitting industry.”

Fast facts from the report:

  • Native forest logging in Victoria emitted around 3 million tonnes of carbon in 2021.
  • Emissions from native forest logging are equivalent to the annual emissions of 700,000 cars.
  • Regrowing forests on average only ever hold up to 50% of the carbon of the original forests
    before they are logged again.
  • Close to 90% of Australia’s wood now comes from Australian plantations.
  • Logging plantations produces 60% less carbon dioxide emissions than the logging of native

The report was co-published October 2022 by the Victorian Forest Alliance and The Tree Projects.

You can take action by calling on your local decision maker to take action to immediately end native forest logging in Victoria to tackle climate change


Download a copy of the report here