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After the Logging Report

Damning report exposes devastating long-term impacts of logging

A shocking report has exposed 1 in 3 areas logged fail to regenerate after logging - for Ash type forests half fail to regenerate after 3 years. The report, After the Logging, Failing to regrow Victoria's forests was co-published by 19 environment groups from across Victoria, and shows the catastrophic impact logging is having on forests across the state.

Read the exclusive ABC coverage and download a copy of the report here.


The report After the Logging, released November 30 2021 finds:

  • 30 percent of logging coupes are failing to regenerate within three years, double the percentage VicForests publicly claims.
  • In Mountain Ash forests, 50% of logging coupes are failing to regenerate within three years
  • Even logging coupes that have passed the test for successful regeneration are failing to to grow into forests. Ground checks and drone footage reveal weed-infested grasslands, blackberry patches and stands of wattles not eucalypts.